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Pia Toscano Cleavage Images,American Idol Cute Singer Pia Toscano Hot Picture

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 , Posted by Unknown at 12:06 AM

Pia Toscano Cleavage Images,American Idol Cute Singer Pia Toscano Hot Picture


No worries about Pia Toscano, luckily she's in L.A. and naturally surrounded by people who want to squeeze every penny out of her sweet sexy body. Just hours following her elimination, she was signed on to Interscope Records and wll be reportedly release a single sometime during the current 'American Idol' season. As if scoring a mini record deal wasn't already enough, Pia's currently sexing up "Dancing with the Stars" dancer Mark Ballas. Anybody know what 'I just got booted from pick me up, sex feels like, by chance. I guess she's using Mark as a stepping stone to meet other dudes who have more pull around Hollywood, so major props to whoever is advising Pia these days. I have a feeling this chick will go real far, assuming she can collaborate with the right people. For those of all who aren't following American Idol this season, Pia Toscano is the hottie from Howard Beach in New York City who got booted from the competition last week. She has lots of talent, but I feel like she didn't properly exploit her hotness on TV and therefore didn't score the Horny Bastard vote.American female singer Pia Toscano cleavage, Pia Toscano hot images, American Idol Pia Toscano pictures, Pia Toscano sexy photos, American Idol hottie singer Pia Toscano cleavage photos,, Pia Toscano hot cleavage, Pia Toscano sexy images, Pia Toscano new cleavage, Pia Toscano various outfits cleavage images.

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