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Interview with Manisha Koirala, Manisha Koirala Malayalam Debut News

Friday, March 19, 2010 , Posted by Unknown at 5:48 AM

She’s a diva alright! No matter how much she tries to airily brush off that tag, she continues to smoulder on screen with her sultry looks. She’s hot, She’s cool, she’s childlike one moment and an enigma the other. She is Manisha Koirala, a woman who has seen life up close and personal and makes no bones about celebrating it full throttle. The pretty lady was in Chennai shooting for Maapillai after a long break. She is a household name though has done only four films in Tamil among which three are blockbusters Bombay, Muthalvan, Indian and was last seen opposite the superstar in Baba.

In this exclusive tete-a tete with, the stunning diva speaks about her love for Chennai, working with Dhanush and her future films

You are looking more and more gorgeous with each passing day. What’s the secret?
I’ve completely surrendered myself to nature. It is the inner happiness and peace that I enjoy, makes me glow (smiles).

Why didn’t you do any films in Tamil after Baba?
I’ve been waiting for the right script to happen in Tamil. And when this offer came, I grabbed it as the role is powerful and something different, which I have not done before.

Your character has shades of grey..please comment
Actually, I am bored of doing same kind of roles. And when I heard about this role of a rich arrogant self obsessive woman I thought there is enough scope for me to perform. And I am enjoying each of every day of my shoot.

How is it working with the Maappillai team?
I am having a blast as these people pamper me to the hilt. Dhanush is a wonderful co-star. He is extremely talented, down-to-earth and hard-working. It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional team.

Do you think that it’s too early to play mother-in-law to Dhanush?
I am an actor first. If I could do the role of a mother of two children at the age of 22 in Bombay why can’t I experiment now?

Why did you take a break from films in between?
I was tired of my hectic schedules and decided to take a break. I travelled a lot, saw new countries, spend more time with family and friends. And now I am back to work.

How does it feel to be back in Chennai?
It’s been wonderful. I love Chennai and I met up with my good friend Aravind Swamy. I love chettinad food especially crabs. I also visited Tirupati and shopped at Nallis, my favourite shop.

Have you seen the original Maappilai?
I didn’t see the entire film but in parts. I did not want to repeat the original and instead I have brought my kind of style to the character.

Do you take special care about your clothes?
I do. As my character is very important, I had to look very respectable and elegant. Sonia Dhingare and Shaheed Ameer are my designers.

What are your next projects in south?
I have signed Shyamaprasad’s new film in Malayalam. It’s going to be another interesting project as I am the pivot around which the story revolves in the first half.

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