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Love Sex Aur Dhokha Got A Certificate, Love Sex Aur Dhokha Movie Stills

Friday, March 19, 2010 , Posted by Unknown at 5:38 AM

So much has been talked and written about the content of Love Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD). The title itself created lots of curiosity amongst the public. Adding more fuel to the fire, the Censor Board has issued an A certificate for its adult content. In the meantime, the Censor Board has turned the villain of the film by asking the makers to blur some steamy scenes.

If we are to go by the reviews, those of you who come to the theatres for the hot-love-making scenes are in for a disappointment. The truth is that the Censor Board is said to have taken away the shocking elements of the film. Only the uncensored version will shock today's audience.

Dibakar Banerjee's LSD is more than just sex, MMS scandal and voyeurism. It's about human relationships and conflict being captured on camera with or without the knowledge of the people involved. It tells how camera can affect our lives.

LSD features newcomers like Anshuman Jha, Shruti, Raj Kumar Yadav, Neha Chauhan, Amit Sial, Arya and Herry Tangdi. CCTV cameras play a significant role in the film.

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